Friday, September 26, 2008

Mural 2

Our group now has the outline of the dancer we want to use. Now we just have to divide it up and get to work on developing the styles for each part. Check Jessica Adamitis's blog to see the dancer outline.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Personal book assignment

My idea is to do a brochure on my adventures and misadventures during my many trips to Nova Scotia, Canada. Some examples would be visiting a fort in Halifax, a mini-golf incident, and other events of the trips. It would most likely be in a comical style to it where I would create and import it into InDesign.

Mural project

Over the past few weeks, my group and I have been e-mailing our ideas for the mural. I had suggested that maybe we do a mural that reflects the history of different aspects of art culture like movies, fine art, video games, and other such things. Others have said that we could do a mural that has the outline of a dancer on it and each would fill it in with certain things not sure what yet. The dancer seems to be our leading idea.

Word & Typeface Assignment

For this weeks assignment, I chose the word Joyful and wrote in the font Hobo STD because it seemed like a happy typeface that looked kinda playful.

Photoshop Assignment

For the photoshop assignment, I took a picture of a scene and added various things to create my own little world in the photo. There are 9 things added to the photo, see if you can find them all.