Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exhibition 2 (Jeff Barnard)

When I first got in to the museum, I went to see that art film about an airplane trip on the first floor. The animation of the piece was very basic and the sounds were typical airport noises. But I felt the narration of the piece was very well done with the animation matching the sounds we heard. This seems, though basic in nature, that it would have taken a lot of time to get it nailed down correctly. After that, we went on to the 3rd floor where there were paintings from various artists.
One such artist was Georgia O'Keefe who made a lot of flower art and had it displayed throughout the 3rd floor. The dates on these pieces ranged from the early 70’s through the 80’s but all having a similar theme to them all. In all of them, there was vibrant color ranging from reds to blues and even colors in between. These were all paintings and they all were about the same size ranging from 3 feet by 3 feet to a few that were 3 feet by 4 feet. But he often seemed to use a close up on the stamen of the flower as though he was saying it was the most important part to him. Was he trying to send a message through his art be it sexual or not? I'm still not sure to this day as to what the intention is.
My next venture was the video called "Rock My Religion" which was completed in 1984 by Dan Graham where the goal of the piece was to suggest that music, particularly Rock and Roll, was an art form. You could tell the piece was a bit old because of the people featured and the graininess of the footage that was featured. This piece was shown through a projector in a dark room on a screen that I would guess to be at least 8 feet by 8 feet. It seemed to say that music was an experiment in conceptual art and was used for different purposes such as religion and politics. In the piece, there were featured artist such as Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix as part of the subject matter. I've never really thought of music in that way because to me music was just something to listen to and enjoy. Although, I do notice that throughout history music has reflected the cultural theme of the time it was made in. In the end, the trip was a bit of a learning experience.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Communist Manifesto part 3 and 4 response

In this week’s reading, we continue with the Communist Manifesto and how it was trying to prove that communism was better. In the third part, they seem to give a long history lesson on how aristocracies of England and France used the government in dishonest ways to suppress the Bourgeoisie by spreading omens of a terrible future if they remained. It goes on and talks about how the communists and French Socialists overcame the “one-sidedness” and spoke based on the will of truth. This part, to me, seems to show that the communists are only interested in the truth and want to help the people as opposed to their government. I think that this was a good tactic to use because it makes Communists seems like a more honest bunch of people that are interested in shedding off bad forms of control.

The fourth part is short and sweet saying that the Communist supports any and all groups that are going against corrupt government. It is clear that this part is the rallying section of the Communist Manifesto and to show that they encourage revolution if it is needed. Having now read the entire thing, it’s clear that the first few parts were specifically written to address the problems of government and the next parts were to provide a better solution or alternative. I can see how this would be an effective tool to promote themselves as the saviors from corrupt government. The Communist Manifesto parts 3 and 4 are meant to be a promotion of communism and the support to overthrow what the people feel is ruining their lives.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

forgot to add this picture to earlier post

Here's the extra image I forgot to add in.

Movie Recommendation

If you haven't gone out to go see it already, go see "Capitalism: A Love Story". It is one of Micheal More's best films to date and it is about the economy and the middle class jobs. It's a great film for anone that wants ideas for economic based art pieces.

More Images for possible future projects

Here are more images that I have collected over the past week that look good for the projects I'm considering on making for Faculty critique.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Project Idea

I was wathing the tail end of this show on Showtime called Penn and Teller: BullSh** and what was going on was they were criticizing the critics of videogames. Anyway, they were talking about how parents hate video games because they're violent yet they applaud kid football where they sustain injuries such as broken legs and and heat strokes and many others. Yet video games can't do that to them and when I did research on kid football, there were a surprising amount of deaths from kids accidently killing other kids while playing. Doesn't this seem to say that the parents and critics are being hypocritical when it comes to video games?