Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 1"High School Memory" critique

I feel that the piece has a success in that it show that I am looking for something special to me and showing images that hint at it. The image was carefully chosen and were placed in the way I felt best showed the intent. The sound in the piece I felt best depicted how I felt when I was remembering High School.

Reflecting back is kind of sad for me and the music does that. The only thing that I would change is maybe add more images related to high school. As for the sound, there was a time where I wanted to compose my own sound to the piece but being that I'm an amature at doing that, I felt using a sound file from an allowed website would do better.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 2 idea

After hearing what we could do with our source materials, I believe that can take a series of Youtube videos and make it look like your watching TV through the internet. It could be complicated, but I think that's what I'm looking for so I can have a challenge for myself.

Project 1 over!!!! YaY!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy with the end product I made for project 1 and am pleased that my fellow students were interested in my piece. While I agree that there were a couple things I could have done better, I believe that I did great because of my history with the program.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

project 1 update

I've got all my images ready, finally. Now I just need to find good audio to go with it and I'm all set. With the refresher on Final Cut Pro, I feel I can put out a better project.