Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final Project Review

I felt I did very well with this project because I had fun doing it. The images were carefully chosen so as to create humor and aid the piece. As for the animation, I think that it was done in the right style of stop-motion animation because I felt that style best represented how to illustrate the rules of Rock Paper Scissors. I also loved working with the footage because they were all aids to the comedic aspect I wanted to achieve. In conclusion, I believe that this project represents all that I learned in Digital Arts: Time Based and should get a good grade because of it.

Final Project Video

Here is my final project. I found this to be a fun thing to work on because this time around, the bulk of the content was up to us. Enjoy the show!!!!!!!

Project 4 idea

I have decided to do my final project on a fake Rock Paper Scissors match. I've got all the materials I need and am preparing to create it now. Hopefully it goes well. Later.