Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Artist Statement Second Version

I consider my work to be conceptual in the issue of what is reality and fiction. We all accept that it’s normal for people to go to work, for firefighters to save lives, and that anything beyond the normal society can only exist in video games or movies. But what if their reality was mixed our everyday lives and fiction became real. How would we react if what we knew to be impossible became possible? These days it’s easy for anyone to create a photo that they can manipulate on a computer. They can create images that create laughter or make a super model look better than they really do. In one of my artworks (a 3 part series), I explored just that by choosing particular things from particular categories like a decade, person, place, or thing and making it look believable and a bit humorous. This was done simply by putting images of people and things into a scene and altering them in photoshop.

My goal for most of my work is to make a believable scene and make the viewer feel a particular emotion or mood for that piece. My interest was always been to make the viewer laugh a little, but have an overall good feeling of amazement towards the piece. With all the different ways I’ve learned to do so, I believe a can make it a reality and provide my viewers a good experience. Through the use of digital media, it is easy to create an environment with the use of a Hollywood background and use a plethora of different techniques to create the world as it could be. With all the advances in what the computer can do for us, I have been able to use photos, like one of Marilyn Monroe, use techniques like shadow creation and use brightness or darkness to make her look like she works with the area she’s in. The digital Interface of the keyboard and mouse allow me to be able to shape and mold anything like a photo of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park into Hollywood scenery and make it believable. I use these methods such as burn, fade, change in opacity, and many others to test my abilities, both conceptually and practically, so that my art can reflect the possibilities of what I can do.

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