Thursday, February 4, 2010

Respose to reading "The Work of Art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction"

This reading, I felt, gave us the history of some famous forms of art through time and also commented on the reproductions of that art. While the reading states that reproductions are unique because they could capture scenes better it also had a lesser value in society. In some situations the reproductions can be seen as forgaries or fakes and thus be tossed away. It goes on to say that a reproduction losses its sense of time and space because it didn't have to go through what the original had to throughout history. How the original was percieved in the era it was created differs from haw the reproduction is seen today because todays standerds and acceptance of art is different from the past societies traditions.

I agree with this because today we now have a more open mindedness reaction to art as opposed to the past. When Duchamp created "The Fountain", it was contraversial because of the subject matter. But if it was remade today it would not have the value it once had because the art style it was apart of is now accepted and is a staple for modern art. Reproductions, while preserving the origial itself, will never share the significance of the original because its a reflection and not something of as much importance. I enjoyed reading this and hope that the others will be just as intriging.

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